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UNMC | Primary Care Fellowship Program

UNMC PriCare Fellowship


UNMC College of Nursing has created an innovative yearlong fellowship opportunity for RNs to advance and finesse their primary care skills. The PriCare Fellowship is designed for

  • RNs currently working in primary care who want to enhance and grow their skill set
  • RNs looking to explore and enter the primary care field

The PriCare Fellowship curriculum will provide critical knowledge, mentored skills training, and prepare fellows to practice efficiently and optimally in a primary care setting. As an added bonus, fellows will earn continuing nursing education contact hours, and be well prepared to successfully take the ANCC Board Exam for Ambulatory Care Nursing Certification (RN-BC).


  • Open to any practicing RN
  • The program runs from September to August each year
  • Monthly meetings will be offered via distance learning so you can join in from anywhere
  • Online modules lasting 1-2 hours will be completed at your own pace
  • A different small project each month related to the topic
  • 12 RNs will be selected each year for the fully funded program
  • Over 30 hours of Continuing Education

What you need to Apply

  • Personal Information
  • Employment Information
  • Education History
  • A brief 250 word statement explaining why you are interested in Primary Care

For Questions

University of Nebraska Medical Center
College of Nursing
985330 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE 68198-5330
Phone: 402.559.4117
Email: pricare@unmc.edu

Sample Schedule

  • September - Leadership and Advocacy for Primary Care

    • Orientation and first meeting

  • October - Management/Transitions of Care

    • In person/virtual meeting

  • November - Elements and Operationalization of Practice Transformation

    • In person/virtual meeting

  • December - Effective Communication

    • In person/virtual meeting

  • January - Management of Primary Care Populations

    • In person/virtual meeting

  • February - Payment Models and the Business of PC Practice

    • In person/virtual meeting

  • March - Legal and Regulatory Review

    • In person/virtual meeting

  • April - Staffing and Work Flow Management

    • In person/virtual meeting

  • May - Creating a Safe Clinical Environment

    • In person/virtual meeting

  • June - Innovative Care Modalities

    • In person/virtual meeting

  • July - Informatics and Use of Data

    • In person/virtual meeting

  • August - Emerging topics

    • In person/virtual meeting
    • Follow-up and Graduation